Why a winter trip to Athens should be on your bucket list

Greece with its many luxurious islands, is often considered a summer hotspot for tourists. In turn, its capital city Athens is often overlooked when it comes to planning a winter escape.

If you really want to experience the local vibe in Greece – ditch the overcrowded beach scene and make a winter trip to Athens. You will be pleasantly will be a surprised!

Here’s Why;


Tourist pricing is a real bummer but during the winter in Athens everything is cheaper!

Forget paying mega bucks to sit in the cold, European winter snow. Winter in Athens  brings with it cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation and even cheaper attractions tickets.  Visiting the Acropolis from 1 November – 31 March,  will cost you half the price than it would in the summer season.



The summer heat in Athens can be grow to intense 32 degrees C ( 9 F) which  can make walking the touristy streets not so pleasurable.

BUT in comparison to other European winter holiday destinations, Athens is still relatively warm compared to other capital cities such as London with its regular 5 degree C days (41 F).

Athens  however, still sports 15 degree C (60F)  days in the winter time  – meaning it is a much toastier alternative to the  snowy minus degree days that other European neighbours have to offer at that time.

Beat the intense summer heat and escape the winter chill by booking your tickets to Athens!



Not only will seeing the Parthenon in winter cost you less, the lines are much shorter and seeing the sites is always better when  there aren’t an extra 300 people around ruining your photographs!

That is not to say that Athens is ‘dead’  in the winter. In fact, many more  locals who jet away to the surrounding islands during the summertime can be seen on the weekends in Athens  at local cafes lazing in the sun  having a drink of coffee or wine.

Winter is the best time to explore the ancient sites and enjoy the local vibes in Athens.




The Greek cuisine is by far one of my favourites and guess what? It is sill just as tasty in the winter. You can find yourself in winter at the restaurants hanging out with the  laid back locals and enjoying some  quality Souvlaki or a mouthwatering  Mousakka with a side of Greek salad without having to wait very long at all. Yum!



To sum up, if you have wiped Athens from your winter European bucket list be sure to pen it back in! A sure way to experience the amazing ancient Greek history without the usual chaos, you will be pleasantly surprised with a stopover to Athens during your next winter break.


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  1. Carly | FearlessFemaleTravels.com says:

    I popped down to Corfu once but definitely need to check out the rest of Greece (starting with Athens, of course)!


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