My name is Nat.

This year I have taken a step out of my comfort zone.

My partner and I have decided to take a year off work to travel the world. We have sold our house, our cars and all of our belongings. We have packed  everything into a couple of backpacks in the hope of breaking free from the chains of our normal daily routine to learn more from the world around us.

My previous 9 – 5 lifestyle has kept me from being able to write creatively, which is a passion of mine. I have decided to create this blog  to share the upcoming year in an attempt to write more often.

This blog  has been made, not only to share my travels with friends and family but also to assist others wanderluster’s with their own adventures.

This blog also acts a tool for self-reflection and self-motivation. This year I intend to learn more from the diversity around me. I intend to be more kind and more mindful.

I invite you to come along with me for the journey.

– The Mindful Traveller.